Fantasy Festival
30st Aug
10am - 11pm
31st Aug
1st sept
10am - 11pm

A few do's and don'ts just to ensure everyone has a safe and happy festival 




The site opens to the public at 12pm on friday the 30st aug. Campers and vendors may enter before this time but will not be permitted to drive on to the site after 4pm. (unless previously arranged) this is to ensure people can move around the site safely ! you never know who may be in an invisibility cloak !!




Parking is limited and strictly at your own risk. no parking on the highway is permitted at any time!! 


personal belongings

no responsibilty can be taken for loss of property in any circumstances!! protect your things , hide them from view ! all you need is yourself leave anything expensive behind. As much as we hope everyone in attendance is like minded you never know what little piskie might attend.!!!!




RE-entry is permitted providing all parties are wearing the correct wristband . movement between camping and festival areas is allowed at all times (except after midnight where the main field must be vacated by everyone!! even you wobbly cowboys and indians !! there will be another day! (well unless its sunday and then you will have to start planning for next year !)




Online ticket purchases will result in an e-ticket. These must be exchanged for wristbands on entry. no photocopies or damaged tickets will be accepted  (incase you think we are cotton headed niny muggins each ticket has a unique number and will be checked on arrival ) Ticket sales will be permitted on the gate providing we have not exceeded allowed numbers.




Appropriate wristbands must be worn at all times , any persons found without will be immediately removed from the site and will miss all the fun !! (if a wristband falls off or becomes damaged please notify a marshall with the broken band)




Entry to the festival still remains up to us!! If for any reason our lovely staff feel it would not be suitable to grant entry to any person for whatever reason their decision will be final. Drugs are strictly prohibited. knives/blades are also not allowed the battles will take place in the tournaments!!!




Campers will be permitted to bring a small quantity for personal use onto the camping field , however under no circumstances will alcohol be allowed to be brought on to the main field. Without alcohol and ticket sales this little slice of magic will not continue !! The bars will be reasonably priced we are not ogres you know !( well not this year anyway but who knows what the 2019 theme will be !!)




Obviously if we could wave our magic wand we would make sure the weather was gloriously hot and sunny throughout the weekend, but alas our magic is not yet that strong ! it is strongly advised to pack your wet weather gear and wellies. dancing in the rain can have it's charm ! The site iteslf can become a little muddy in adverse conditions and we will endeavor to do all we can to help if the need arises !! we even have tiger print shoe covers !!!!! We do however have a huge stretch tent to keep you all dry